If I stretch it stands on both sides in the abdomen?

Hello everybody!

I am now 10 and SSW unfortunately I notice every time I stretch or fast wrong move do that it starts in the lower abdomen to stand on both sides! It hurts a whole lot, but only for a moment! That is, it does not hold on! Can there please who help me? My gynecologist is a holiday!

The best answer

If the pain is deep in the groin area, is to assume that it is the ligaments. I have in this pregnancy very often. For me it stands without stretch. What can help a bit (even in general lower abdominal pain) is magnesium. While you have no bleeding, uncharacteristically severe cramping or you hit your stomach violently, did you never have no concerns about miscarriage to make!

The doctor is the same, just in the meeting.

No, seriously: we are talking about a problem in pregnancy and you ask LAY for an answer? People have absolutely no idea. And just because Mrs. Doe such pain cause X had, does not it also cause must be X with you. Say, can you help here nobody. And since you are responsible for two lives, go to the doctor.

Note that you can never rely on what you lay online diagnosing. Only a local doctor can give you a definite diagnosis.

Kind regards, Stefan

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