If I wash my hair I always afraid that someone is behind me

What can I toot angst against this?

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This fear comes from a sense of Auslieferns. If You wash hair, then you are in an impossible posture and thus vulnerable. It needs no horror movie experience, but primal instincts in you, you feel defenseless. Very many people have this queasy feeling of being watched, when you just can not have control over his environment itself. You can, for example, to seal off the bathroom door. Then you know for sure that you can close your eyes calms. (This tip helps Before demons truly not - but this fear is also an acquired fear.)

I had earlier very often, I have a small Bluetooth speaker with whom I will always listen to music. The distracting and you do not think more about it. When I think back now I laugh also nurnoch about it! : DD

I know the feeling: D

Mir helps always to see the whole thing with humor. That is little to laugh, etc.)

Also, I then often think washing your hair to something beautiful or just positive.

I like football as very happy, so I often think just in football or how I play football with friends. ;)

Wash you hair if someone is behind you, then you know that one is there and definitely no place for a second. (At least in your mentally bad feeling)

Honestly that's me exactly ... and since I have seen all paranormal activitys parts I think not only that behind me was a real person, but that behind me an invisible demon is (as well as in the film), well luckily am I not the only one who has something: 3

I would put their backs to the wall. In the wall, no one can be ...

Stop the shower good and relaxing music :)

How did you get it at all? Even experienced, or bad movie watched? Wash your hair in the sink, then you do not come up with these ideas.

Great! Now I also think about it -.-


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