If monitoring is good or bad for society?

how do you see it?

The best answer

Basically GOOD for those who have nothing to hide and nothing to blame for what, BAD for those who have reasons to remain unobserved possible. (All based on a democracy) ... Yours

In particular area it would make sense, where many people still have such schools, etc.

Both, it is both good and bad.

The DOSAGE in the manner and within the scope of a dispute about this matter.

"Those who give up in order to gain security, the freedom, will deserve neither."

Benjamin Franklin

Bad is just what is happening without your knowledge.


I am against monitoring and control. Precisely for these reasons, there are so much crime. If you look at, by what methods you can monitor someone, I'll still paranoid. Sch ** ß monitoring ...

Place this question people whose best friends were with the Stasi, and money and pressure betray their best friends. Visits Hohenschönhausen / Normannenstrasse, Hoheneck, Bautzen II or Cottbus.

And fancy you then your opinion.

And carry your findings then on the business practices of google, facebook, whatsapp and Twitter. Or on the new Apple-watch and so on.

everything has its pros and cons .. more security but less privacy)

Good for security

Bad for the evil plan

Bad for privacy

There needs to be much more controlled. Only in this way even more crimes may be possibly frustrated time. Who has nothing to hide, also need not be afraid to have monitoring. Who has something to hide, will condemn control.

Depends on what the priorities are. To what extent monitoring is necessary for the common good? Etc.

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