If one is wrongly convicted to death, and in the escape from prison hurt someone to avoid death, it is then guilty?

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Although the legalities vary depending on the country; is all but an exercise in logical reasoning.

Look, even if you've been convicted of your sight, innocent to death as you were but legally verurteilt.Das is doomed from the perspective of the state of you has is no doubt of your guilt. As long as there is no new "evidence" of your innocence (and these were Accordingly appreciated and were you acquitted consequent), there may be "Sentenced innocent" from a legal standpoint, no. At least not in a functioning constitutional state.

Thus would you indeed from your point of view to an unjustified measure put to military, from the perspective of the state, however, would you merely try to escape up the provided for you punishment.

From this perspective, it already looks quite different when you inflict harm on someone your escape. And even IF after your escape turns out that you were innocent, would you stood the whole time with the ability to "evidence" to induce a lawyer, the collection and presentation of a new trial on your case to start. There would therefore be no reason to escape ,.

A very theoretical question that can be answered here hardly.

Under German law, one could possibly the apologetic emergency use.

But since there is no death penalty in D, the application of German law would be highly unlikely.

The right of a death sentence the State in which such a situation would be possible, I do not know, no answer DAHET.

Maybe you should ask Dr. Kimble.

!! Very clever question It did not even play a role, whether he is guilty or innocent. Because we speak every man the right to to fight for his life (human survival instinct). Therefore, escape from prison is not really punished, it is exempt from punishment. But only escape is unpunished, the injury must be covered by self-defense / emergency.
An emergency could be affirmative. The alleged perpetrator expects the death penalty, which it can not escape otherwise. He will lose his life. A guilty culprit, however, this situation would be self-inflicted, why not welcome in European countries self-defense. He has brought his act by itself in this situation. I wrote above, but that this does not matter. This is because in European countries thanks to the ECHR executions are not allowed. Therefore, the guilty offender would self-defense law. The offender must therefore commit an assault on the run to save his life if the following is true:
1) The injury has a smaller impact than a killing (he should therefore only commit assault and may kill / proportionality) anyone.
2) He must select the mildest consequences for the victim.
3) The personal injury must be such as to save his own life.

Yes. If you are indeed innocent sitting on death row unt türmst, then you have a long time to not violate any law other during your escape

According to the system you are then probably guilty, I personally see the but but different! partially sitting anyway the wrong people in jail!

In D, an outbreak is not punishable, but the other would Körber injury.

Ok since there is no death penalty in D

In the US, the outbreak is a criminal offense and the injury.

Ok in such wit there will milternt circumstances is in D for the judge, or in the USA property of tonsured.

In how far one can argue here with abstrckter self-defense is a legal interpretation.

Best to leave the country after the outbreak in Russia and Brazil od untetauchen this countries provide rare od. Never run out.

yes, you are indeed still unjustly condemned to death, but have an assault and battery committed. if you but only flee, then you can not judge again, "break" because no is factual.

Yes, guilty!

An innocent arrest justifying any personal injury or death!

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