if one threatens to eBay sellers with negative review, you then get money offered?

something like that, I've heard of you know well wollts

The best answer

Principle for evaluating blackmail:


Who gets money here, the police, or the country (but by DIR), because then you might get a fine method to the neck. Blackmail and threats are punishable!

If something is wrong with a purchase, then go to "Problems clarify" and let you help from Ebay. If you paid with PayPal, you can reclaim your money if you have received any goods.

But do not be insolent one. you do not know, why the goods have not arrived. If you have selected priority mail, you're way your fault. Commercial sellers have always also insured shipping.

Rather is the case that you get blocked from ebay for review extortion. Arbitrary negative reviews are repeatedly landed in court and often has the negative rated won.

Do you get none, only anger, paperwork and finally thick bills.

If you are unlucky, you get a charge of extortion and flies out ebay out.

It may be that some money discount enter when a buyer complains that something was wrong, for fear of bad review.

of course not.

if you behave otherwise correctly on ebay, playing a red rating not matter. in a year falls out again anyway. Also verschindet the red completely and promptly when these buyers from ebay kicked and his account is placed still.

therefore there is no reason to get involved in something. the buyer should be notified immediately so that it disappears from the trading platform.

After successful transaction richer you could be prosecuted for extortion - have fun

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