If our dog jealous of the other?


I have been a few days some problems with one of our dogs. We have two dogs. For two days, it is now so that whenever I closer he growls at me the dog myself and when I want to pet him, he even begins wild barking and snapping at me. Also just back. The dog was lying under the table and I am to him. He even began to wag his tail and has specially placed on its back, so I can pet him. Then I try it and again I'll growled and he tried to grab me. I can not explain it ... The dog is then into the kitchen. Since I can pet him a long time then. However, he stood by. Then he has gone to bed and I want to pet him on, but there was again behave the same. He (or she) snarls and snaps at me.

As I said we have two dogs and I think the dog might be jealous of our other dog. The two dogs are very different in their nature. The dog (Hovawart) is rather closed and you always feel as if she was not to be petted it interested. The dog (Berger) is here completely different. He always comes and wants to be petted. You could almost say he is addicted to it ...

It so happens that I nunmal latter much more often fondle, although I really both very often fondle, but I feel as if the dog somehow jealous. There seems to be a problem even with me. With my brothers, I have never experienced this behavior. And I fondle the dogs actually most and somehow breaks this behavior to me a little heart. : '(

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Since they can caress of your brothers has probably no pain which is why they do not like to be touched.

Attempt to pet the Hovawart often or lure with treats.

Lg. Lena

If your dog growls at you and snaps, that's a sign that they want to control you. What do you think about the Hovawarth? Can it be that you actually have negative feelings for him? Dogs reflect us. They react to our feelings and thoughts.

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