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if I want to sell an apartment, to which I have rented another room and I have a right of first refusal for this room, the right of first refusal then passes to the buyer of the apartment? Also, regardless of whether he also hires or is this room, he only has the right of first refusal if he rents the room?

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The right of first refusal was nevertheless granted in your favor and not in favor of third parties!?! You sell your apartment and not favoring you right that you possibly. Later still could exercise personally.

If you sell the apartment you can not exercise the option to buy one of the rooms of the apartment next door. If the preemption right is therefore entered in favor of your person you can no longer exercise and it is thus lapsed. If the preemption right is, however, bound persons regardless to the owner of your current home, it is transferred to the buyer of your apartment.


I simply put time that the pre-emptive right is registered in the Land Register (otherwise you have nothing). There is also a notarial deed in which everything is accurate. For example, if the right of first refusal is linked to an individual or to the owner's home or ... or ... or ... So just read times.

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