If the dog has actually smelled the carrot?

Good evening :). I'll grade from a walk with the dog. then suddenly showed great interest in a woman on the street lay down and then wanted over. Dogs had not the lady, but a carrot in the pocket and the dog loves carrots. As absurd as it sounds now, but could the dog have really smelled the carrot? oO



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could really smell the carrot of dog?

that is no problem for a dog! Dogs can sniff out even more.

While the olfactory mucosa of man has a size of five square centimeters, it is 150 square centimeters in size when man's best friend. On this olfactory mucosa are about 200 million olfactory cells, on the smaller area of people just five million. In addition, dogs their senses completely different network than people together. The nose is in itself a small miracle, but added yet the optical link, which establishes the dog to what he just sniffed.


Take a search Games / Scent Work with your dog, will be surprised what that can do everything!

He has the smell. Dogs can even smell money

na clear Dogs have a pronounced olfactory organ

The it is smelled. Read times: http://www.wer-ist-fido.de/sinne.html

I learn new sides of this dog know: D Thanks for the replies :)

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