If the dog only wants sweet and everything else is left to stand - diabetes?

Our mixed breed dog, ten years old can be, for days the best food available, z. B. beef, he categorically denied even sausage or cooked chicken. He begs constantly looking for sweet things, he knows where our "Süßschublade" is, even if it is empty. This makes slow headache. Who we are namely outside the Gassigehen he eats any dirt he can find from hunger. Scruffy bun, so fast can not see how he swallows something indefinable one. Even more often, he had therefore get massive diarrhea. We think so because to bring a muzzle, so he can not eat anything he finds, but somehow we get the well has difficulties in his heart.

Insoluble problem?

The best answer

what has your dog because so far nourished? sure he has not only licking sweets. why is the ever come to sweet? I would give the dried dog rumen to eat before the walk, then he might take less "dirt" on. in any case I would have it checked the dog once the vet and if he is healthy, the dog offering his usual fodder, perhaps more refined with a spoon cottage cheese, so he eats prefer. the sweet-drawer I would remove and what he really push now and then something like like pure. a piece of cheese for example and it is more likely than play then remove. the sweets should you aufbeahren reach for the dog.


when he was hungry, he would not spurn his food. Superimposed prepare food so that no drankommt the dog! Muzzle would be excessive and must not be in good organization!

Then you should go to the vet and let time make an age check with your dog. With 10 Jhren the dog is relatively old and probably has some "construction sites".

If you had given him nothing out of the drawer, he only knew not what's in there. Consequently, he would seizing what is in the cup. Buys Him times a piece of boiled meat from beef, boneless, and sends him with it in the garden. Then, as long starved until he ate it. Then he will know what tastes good.

As should draufschauen definitely a species, with a balanced diet that has nothing to do, even sausage not. Of course, there must be no sugar stuff (more) has begun no idea washalb the anybody.

If he eats there all take just until further his feedlot in nem Futterbeutel outside and let him eat in portions outside. Then he gets his daily ration and the other stuff is taboo. Ideally, you can the same with reasonable training combine not take anything without permission.

No not an insoluble problem-just go with your dog to a veterinarian and read it through check good luck here

Since probably helps only consequence. basically nothing sweet feed, and even the best eating nothing, especially not if the dog will notice that. would indeed be very unfair ...

Hello Aasterix,

Please be careful with sugar in dogs!

Dogs do not have "insulin - control" as man. Sweet taste them, but so as not treated diabetics are blind or worse, so it will happen to the dog! Personally, I've seen several so blind dogs. With sweets one does nothing good dogs!

http: //www.diabetes-ratgeber.net/Diabetes/Diabetes-bei-Hunden-und-Katzen-107107 ....

Best regards

Jens Peter

To the veterinarian. Diabetic he might not, but apparently addicted.

get tested veterinarian and blood tests!

Dogs eat no sweets !!!

Please let the dog investigate times the vet very thoroughly and then guess on reasonable and appropriate feeding to ...

You'll get him some day in the following "address" read clever:

www barfers de

there falls a only ask one - WHAT you have been fed that way going to sugar ??

Next frage-- What the blood test says at your vet ??

what does the urine analysis at vet?

to get here a solution answer is pretty naive,

on "zuckerkankheit" testing the vet ....

otherwise it is an absolute educational problem - offentsichtlich he scored again from you sweets and also outside, it does not prevent him from futtern crap from everything (there's only leash and timely view of your since the banned booty!).

From the vet

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