If the PC is still rich?

I wonder recently if my PC, and particularly the graphics card, still hold few years is (gaming). I am afraid that the graphics card GTA V not long bundle is (The 2GB VRam).

Intel Core i7 4790k || MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB VRam || 8 GB (2x4) DDR3 Ram (1600 Mhz) || 1 and 0.5TB HDD || Delta 750W PSU || MSI B85-E45 Motherboard ...

Thanks to all the answers;)

The best answer

The prozzesor is one of the best available at all. That is for the nechsten three years do you need no new. When Grafigkarte I would wait 1 year and then pick gtx 970th In the memory I would wait even 1 year and then upgrade to 16 Gb. When power supply - The sufficient. (You'll probably ehh not find a PC components eats more electricity now for disk space:... 1.5 tb hard drive space are much That is the range determined for the nechsten five years, but still it would be good if you get nee ssd (mind 128 gb) buy and then einbaust (if you can something) to not (if you can not install sSD) could you buy ne fast external sSD and connect it with usb 3.0. the motherboard ranges (Solage since the above-mentioned components can be connected) That really is about it but: Your processor is really good I hope I could help you

Processor and graphics card are sufficient for GTA V but I'd bring me in your place soon a new

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