If the Pc of good mega port?

Hi, So first I assumes no bon Pc expert so I ask you for advice. It also aims at the Pc do not run the Games need the extreme requirements, since I only Leauge of Legends or such games as Sims 3 wants to play it.

These are the specifications of the PC:

Brand: megaport.de Processor Brand: AMD Processor speed: 3800 MHz Processor number: 6 RAM Size: 8 GB Computer Memory Type: DDR DRAM size HDD: 1000 GB hard drive technology: SATA Description Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX750 Memory size Graphics Card: 1024 MB Interface Graphics card: PCI-e hardware platform: PC operating system: Windows 7 Professional

The Pc can be purchased at Amazon for currently € 499. Link from Pc from Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00ARY9VC2/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_hsIkvb1V7S26V

Would not be real helpful if that would help me :)

LG Princess5

The best answer

Would rather http: //www.amazon.de/Gaming-PC-Computer-Bulldozer-Six-Core-6x3-5GHz/dp/B00OB60O5 ... take. Better processor, better graphics card

NoName PSU. only a GTX 750, a FX4300, no information on the installed RAM (probably Single Kit + NoName) ...

Selbstkonfiguriert is always better ....

Outside in the 500 € price range I would advise you to FX6300 or i3 4160 .. In addition, a R9 270X R9 280 fit or purely in the budget ...


Well that is going super he is not, but the price-performance ratio is not soooo bad.

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