If the specified bay oil in this recipe right?


we want to establish a natural soap just in school. Are 200ml laurel oil because too much?


Must there 200ml of such a bottle (see picture) laurel oil there?


400 g olive oil 200 g laurel oil 100g coconut oil (solid fat) 235 g of water 92 to 94 g NaOH

Is that not too much? Or only a few drops of bay oil? I am vezweifelt ...

Ask for help. Thank you.

  • mix2000

The best answer

Hello Mix2000,

that will be true. I for several years using laurel or Aleppo soap and the proportion of laurel is also in very high. The soap is actually quite excellent! It cleans great and nourishes the skin so that I use little more skin cream needs. Since I use no conventional shower gel more.

Enjoy In-House Production!

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