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two weeks ago my dog ​​was bitten in a dog park (Saxony-Anhalt) by another dog, as we were about to enter the degree meadow (the causative dog plunged almost immediately on my). My dog ​​was wearing it a flesh wound that had to be treated by a veterinarian. The holder of the causative dog denies that his dog was the cause, even though it was known from the past that his dog does not come clear with my (but a 3/4 year, the two had apparently no problems and there were no incidents) , The next day, I have the holder hit again and tried to find factual and peaceful solution, which unfortunately failed mercilessly and I turned on the police and security office. Well last week the police were there to determine their personal details, which I passed on to the OA. The holder of the other dog asked me to talk to him if I want to Hundewiese while he is on it, what is natural for me. But in return I expect the course of it. Today I was with other dog owners in the meadow, saw him from afar, and he came to the meadow without talking to me and went over my greeting and the question of how we remain (I go? Do we have the dog 100% under control?). Now it came to a fight in which, fortunately, nothing happened on. We (my dog ​​and I, the holder and his dog) have now on Thursday a "date" with the clerk's office. A member of the OA is to said dog park and also want my dog ​​to know and see how the dogs behave. Do I have to expect anything? My dog ​​did nothing, neither bitten nor other, but after the recent incidents he is another dog that bit him, of course, not particularly happy over (growls). I would not let one more time with the other dog on the meadow my dog ​​said honestly. Can someone give advice and suggestions, as I best behave? The lady from the OA can very much make a picture of me and my dog, but I do not want to leave the meadow him to the other ... which can then be the decisive point that again have occasion something.

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Hi, this is a "problem" to Dog Walking fact that the dogs are in a sense left to itself and itself must decide on meeting with other dogs, whether the comparison is ok or not. Since we are not dog owners usually right there, we can not intervene. The attempt of retrieving is due to the distance usually not very promising. Since times are provided for the free running the dog the dog walking, any dog ​​owner should be fair, take his dog on a leash when he knows that his dog can be aggressive.

I would be at the meeting with the OA my dog ​​on a leash. The risk of renewed scuffle in no way provoke. Finally, my dog ​​can lose by such incidents confidence in me, as leader of the pack. And it would not be worth it. The unqualified Proverbs other dog owners as "the make the dogs already under from" I can no longer hear. If my dog ​​afterwards only is disturbed and anxious or even becomes Angsbeißer, I'm really not much confidence.

I mean that the OA may impose only a character test when there were incidents with people (BEißerei etc.).

Conduct yourselves as always, remain friendly and cooperative. Once you abblockst anything, the suspicion will sprout that your dog is not as uninvolved as you describe it. The OA will certainly not let the dogs to each other, but you will certainly see what animal aggression out - and responds especially as the respective holders. Ultimately, these disputes the dogs are nothing more than flesh consequences of a neglected education. If a dog as to other acts like the dog who has bitten your, then controls a responsible holder against and working on problem. The dog is finally not available in this situation.

I would meadow meiden.Aber when a dog wants to bite my family, he will have only me anvorbei .The but Schwiering rich werden.Denn my dog ​​then sits behind me, so it will be a dog only finished with me muss.Der last of the 2 x tried got 2x a trtt across the bow, then the owner has him selling müssen.2 ads were too much in 2 days.

Unfortunately, there is always possible that * both * Dogs must make a mental test - but I know me in your case not so really ...

Oha, the people from the clerk's office come to the dog park. What have you got there because everything organized, that are committed to this?

Why not you avoid the meadow easy? Your dog has been bitten there before. And if it must be because then you're just like always behave. Even if the clerk's office is present.

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