If they react funny?

Hello, I'm dating a girl for 3 months, it is 18, I 19, you said, because I like anime, etc., if they can not even come and I show her any series that I like. The problem is, they've never been to me. I have 2 big cases full selbtgebauter Anime robot characters in all sorts of poses and now I'm afraid that suddenly their impression is totally degrade me etc. I also have no place to relocate these. Should I warn any or so?

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If she's not exactly thrilled as you can handle it already forewarned, but why should that make a bad impression? If you go out with each other for 3 months and they still seem interested, they will but do not be put off by a few figures and so accept your hobby well! :) I do not mean, why?

How they responded no one can say but just stand to whatever you like regardless of how they react

If they really like you should you be indifferent, had shown my ex even drawn from cartoons of 5 class that she was not even funny :)

Is it awesome. If they hardly disturb I think

all depends on how they tick. but it does not hide in any case

Honesty is the best. So either have chip away the stuff and never again what to do with it or just stand by.

clear: D "but does not scare you, I'm a bigger freak than you think and if you are anguckst me stupid my homemade robot anime attack you - no joke."

they will laugh and find yourself nerdy-sweet ... or Disabled.

in the second case what haste deserve better: D

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