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Hey, and although I have just made a iIf branch in C ++ and then "checked" if number 1 is greater than the number 2 and conversely, everything works but if I want to check if the number is 1 = number 2 and then in the program 2 times Enter H same number he brings the number 1 greater number 2, I did that on "==" made

Danke schon mal for the answers :)

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Hi, if you want to post code can I you only www.pastebin.com advise. There you give the code and get then a public link to the you can share.

You are testing whether number 1 * greater than or equal * number 2 (> =). Since the numbers are equal yields greater than / equal to a true. You have to change> = to>.

I can also nix seen in the picture,

Guess: you spend when number1 number2 is greater

you spend if small number1 number2 is

you spend nothing, if both are the same (or even the text of "greater"


It can be seen in the picture nothing.

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