If you like someone who is already taken. WAT TO DO?

Alsoooo, am 16, boy, and I can only find a girl interesting. I do not know her long, only half a year. She goes to my school, her class is right next to my but I can not just talk to her because I'm too shy for that. I talk to other at the bus stop and we have quite a lot in common. but She has a boyfriend, so should I wait or try to spend more time with her?

Is meant seriously and answers such as "will only times older," I do not need: P

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The best answer

She has a boyfriend. So do not touch her. I suppose you would find that not even funny when a different type hitched up with your girlfriend.

Unless of course maybe someday is free, there is nothing to talk to them.

Let them are still enough other :)

Stay away from assigned girl. The only trouble

which is a taboo, look around for a girl that is free!

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