Illegal dog breed

I was this morning a strange man approached, he wanted that my dog ​​(english cocker spaniel) his bitch (also english cocker spaniel) covers. My question: is it illegal of private cover to private?

The best answer

The law is clear for you: it is allowed.

The limits you will not exceed, as you describe it:

1. No more than two deck ready bitches each holder

2. No more than two litters per year

The latter set is always like - say - designed with imagination. Because it does not mean that you are allowed to have in a calendar year two litters, but that you no more than another union in the next 12 months are allowed have for a throw. As never rigend explains something but naturally expected that you know such a moronic interpretation of the term "per year".

Besides that:

Litterbox build !!!! - Instructions there on the net.

Does your dog a favor and makes you smart. Looking from the fourth week after customers, so that you do not like selling off the shelf and the children can get used during visits and in other ways to the new families. Take TIME. If you want to best serve the puppies, they shall initially into the bedroom. Thus an intense relationship with humans is established from the outset. And yes, that's work. Only propagators get hundreds of euros for puppies without any preparation and SHOULD be illegal because they harm dogs and humans.

No it is not! And who would want to check that and can

Ne if you want to have it

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