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Hey guys unzwar my colleague has now ne penalty because illegals games download .. get his lawyer says the Punishable is not the download but seeding the torrent he used .. that is if he had simply downloaded directly in the browser he get no punishment? Or dan is also illegal because as far as I know you do not Seedet then yes?

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The download alone on eg a One-Click-Hoster enough already and is a crime, because not too much damage has occurred is as though not identified.

In the be downloaded utorrent my example downloads, not only for you but also shared in parallel with other users / uploaded. Proliferation of illegal copies is prosecuted and punished by the authorities.

This used to be. Meanwhile also download the pure illegal.

If a paid game gets nothing, then that is of course connected illegally and at risk.

copyright infringement up to 5 years knast

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