Imagine the following situation: about a dog

Full-time working, no partner, no way to take the dog to work with none can take care of the dog and in an apartment.

Do you think it is possible to be to buy a puppy under these conditions, if you have enough toys in the apartment, so in general employment opportunities for him can there?

So that the dog does not feel alone.

And does anyone know the prices for large dogs from the shelter (so ca) ?? Thanks in advance :)

The best answer

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

A puppy should not be left alone the first six months, which is instinctively scared to death of. A adult dog, which was carefully adjusted to the Alone Stay, can be regularly about four hours alone, for a temporary Zeitaum or in some cases perhaps even five.

Under the condition "no can take care of the dog" you get an adult dog also no shelter.

With careful search (with us that lasted more than a year), there is certainly somewhere an adult dog, for it is all right to be cared for elsewhere weekdays to have, so to speak two home. is something cruelty For most dogs.

Then in your case (Single) would also ask the question: When you go shopping, to the doctor, the hairdresser, you meet with friends, etc? With partner can then always a stay with the dog.

Forget it then. The dog's sake. The latest would end in a few months anyway back at the shelter.

If you have a little sense of responsibility then the idea let very quickly whiz! Just a puppy needs the first year much attention and education, and you can not guarantee under your circumstances

Hello, please create you on - keinen- case a dog. Under these conditions it is a cruelty to animals. That's a problem with an adult dog and a puppy it is not. If you want a dog, then go but rather with an animal from the shelter for a walk, also would be getting when you come. I appeal to your reason.

Uberleg you the good times with the Hund.Im shelter you get Luckily not as fast a Hund.Die look at the circumstances whether one can keep an animal. Who's he supposed to walk the dog ??? Or can he stop You are come back. Let it please you make yourself and the animal unhappy. Maybe you manage a teddy on can beiben alone. greeting

to buy a puppy under these conditions, if you have enough toys in the apartment, so in general employment opportunities for him can there?

what do you think as the apartment looks when you come home from work?

The puppy is devastated the apartment, have vollgekackt and peed all and whine, bark and howl all day. Then you get a jiffy trouble with the neighborhood and possibly the cancellation!

Puppies can not let the first few months alone, A puppy must every 2 hrs. (At night) and in between out, has brought up several times daily to be fed.. because you're not capable of doing, you should refrain from Welpensnschaffung.

Furthermore, you also no shelter is, under these conditions, be a dog. An aquarium would be more suitable for you.

Full-time and single never ever !!!! No under these conditions should be kept no dog.

For your relationships an animal would be possible that no human care needs, such as of a hamster.

Clearly no. Although du's well mean and willst- rescue a dog from the animal Heimn is not rosy outlook on life for a dog.

If you have the coal, maybe you could a childminder for the time during the work involved. Many retirees are happy when they have a job. There are also day care for dogs or professional dog sitter.

So with toys in the house that has sometimes nothing at tun.wenn you a puppy alone in a blank Wohnug would, then you can with safety assume that something in your house is broken if you know home kommst.welpen not your armchair or the tapette not to play .A puppy is a baby the muss.wie learn a lot very long long should the poor tierchen to stay alone, which is not appropriate to the species, a dog is a pack-animal and consumption gesellschaft.und why do you ask what animal shelter costs a BIG DOG from, it sounds to me like as if you had not so veil money for disposal, why do not you go with dogs from the animal shelter gassi that would be a good deed.

Want to be detained 8 hours a cell with pen and nothing to describe?

I think as you get quick trouble the dog and the Nachbareschaft. So let it alone !!!

No, this is not possible! Such an attitude is animal cruelty. Even the attitude of an adult dog here prohibitive.

No -the is neither for a puppy still for a full-grown dog!

who would like a dog get, should -then check first about dog attitude you see but that it is not for past you!

No matter whether puppy or adult!

An adult dog would go if you have a dog daycare, but when the dog eh never with you is why then a dog?

No dog in the world busy for hours with toys ...

Every person who wants a dog expect such circumstances, is in my eyes a Tierquäler

And YES, I know the prices for large dogs from the animal shelter.

I think it's really good that no neat-run animal shelter is you ever passed a dog. Even when completing the self-assessment you would fall through and it does not even come to the first preview ...

If one has no idea of ​​dogs and their attitude, then you should be more like a dog inquire from the precious kennel:

STEIFF with the button in the ear


A puppy you may in the first 6 months GAR not leave you alone. Then a dog must not exceed 4 hours per day to be left alone.

A dog then feels alone when you are not there, a toy is not considered as a society.

Just Puppies must get out every 2 hours. Sorry, but under the circumstances is pure cruelty, no matter how old is the dog.

fantasieafan --- Your name is programm--

in the fantasy plays a puppy who would actually live with his family dog ​​together daylong freidlich muttering to himself, with all the beautiful many toys, that gave him his dog mama for employment.

ask you once a human infant before -the mama has to work, puts the infant a lot of toys in his crib and then "" bye my little mama is in 10 hours w ieder da ,, playing good times "" "!! - did you have imagined you so about ??

as but a small puppy must also all two hours pipi and magnify, and it must be at least 3 x are fed on day - how will that be then regulated in your fantasy ??

another ask why will such a person, the whole day is not at home but --also determined 9-10 hours from home is-- away why will the be a dog purchase, they actually get then to see only in the evening time, when she comes home tired and worn, must make their budget yet, wash their laundry and actually the next least 2-3 hours OUTDOORS deal now with her dog müßte--

So let time exercise your imagination -

oh so - even adult dog can not stay all day alone at home. the result of both is - huge loneliness, vast verlassenheitsgefühl-- the puppies huge death panic with self mutilation and total self task.

because for this person absolutely no dog is in question, also brauchts no animal shelter prices, which this person could bring fast, animal shelter by calling at a

No, that is not animal welfare. A dog does not play "10-11 clock with this toy from 11 to 12 am with the other and so on." This is only theory. A dog will be moved, he needs head work, speech, affection, society, etc. Get yourself not to!

Tu the poor dog a favor and let the dog's sake

So I imagine it just before and can not understand how you can come to such an idea.


If you are honest with yourself, does not fit the.

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