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Hello, has anyone ever of you busy with the vaccines and their durability? Specifically it comes to SHP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus) me. According immunization schedules nachzuimpfen every 3 years. My vet said that this is nonsense, because the vaccine only a shelf life of 2 years = vaccinate every 2 years. How do you do this?

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So if the manufacturer three years it writes, then that's that. For example Nobivbac = \ _shp / Nobivac \ _shp.aspx

I Inoculate according to the scheme of Prof. Dr. Ronald Schultz of Link in comment. After primary immunization, my dog ​​has finished seeding unless I need time but eventually rabies.

I'll friesennarr Thanks for your answer. It stimulates definitely again to think about whether the next vaccination is really useful.

I thought, because my dog ​​is from Romania, vaccination at intervals for better basic immunization would be useful ... But after your article I have about it again sleep :-)

I let my dogs vaccinated every three years, and it probably appears to reach.

So now I have the vaccination certificate is not there, but my get five times and every year. And I do that since the first dog 25 years ago.

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