Important! Dog crying and scared

Hello. half an hour ago my dog ​​woke up and started loudly whining. And ran up to me. She is strong at tremble and has an irregular heartbeat. She has no appetite (which as it is a Labrador NEVER happens. So usually it does everything for food). She is lying on the floor and do not want to get up. What jmd what's going on? thank you

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Alarm - metritis - from the TA emergency service.

If it was so important to you, you had a veterinary emergency call or were in the nearest clinic down. but can not be serious, calmly sitting with such a behavior of your dog at home and first to surf the Internet ...

this is an emergency -deinem dog is in bad shape! trembling, in such case s sign of great pain .. please call the emergency vet to be issued or umgehnde you in the next animal hospital

When wakes me my dog at night, crying, trembling and my proximity searches, I would be on the way to the veterinary emergency make return mail !!! I would not occur to me here to get help!

How is the dog ?! now

Sounds obliquely but dogs have dreams :) my dog ​​whines always when sleeping: D sometimes she jumps up and runs simply to couch that is nothing bad. Your dog just had a nightmare, fondle him easy bit

So how do you describe that, your dog is awake because of pain ...

Why are you offering the dog crying and afraid of eating (according to your statements) something?

You should have stayed quiet on the dog persuaded to calm him down and eventually be able to measure fever ...

Remote diagnostics of people that neither you nor know your dog, do not bring you further.

If your dog still, 3 hours after your question, is now noticeable, then you should by now know that a veterinarian must take care of the dog ... And as soon as possible!

So let's choose the veterinary emergency service ...

Hello Lara030201,

Today the day after, how is your dog?

Please write here what you have done.

how about putting on weight?!? how are you from getting the idea to ask here first, have the time to sit pc to and wait until an answer comes while the dog beside it and pain has kopfschüttel, the white but every child that one doctor must whom you have hurt, especially in animals, since you can not tell what hurts them

I think he has had a nightmare :(

Nightmare. Had our dog sometimes, when he's bushed for a while, then he was very affectionate. Just caress, cuddle, love and calms down and one's asleep :)

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