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Hello. I now had a week's holiday and on Tuesday I'll write a very important (psychology) klausur. I have of course already started before the holidays to learn but it is extremely much .. It was originally created on the Thursday before the holiday, but all are not with the learning so far come through. So. So I really learned super much, and actually through was the lernenen to substance, I Weekends inserted a study break. Monday I got sick .. But really very sick. At times, 40 fever. I could not really learn, I've tried, as could not get anything, I walked's just too bad easily. Yesterday it finally been better again today: fever and it now also come infinite earache so. I antibiotics (suppose since today, ca acts from the third day). But I will again today can not learn. I really feel so bad and am already really desperate, so I'll cloistered Mega Spanking, what can I do? Only perceive the nachschreibetermin?

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Go to the doctor and let sick leave thee. You have still the possibility nachzudchreiben work.


if you are sick, you can not learn and write any exam. So let sick leave you and then write the work after, if you feel better. If your doctor you issue a certificate you can nachschreiben.

LG Jasmin

Go to the doctor and obtain a certificate in writing to you that you're really sick. Then you can nachschreiben the exam.

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