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My Mathelererin took me 2 days ago during math class in front of the blackboard. I should draw a 360 degree angled triangle. Unfortunately, I had no plan (Hab ads-knew the teacher). After 2 attempts, I said I could not answer the task and sat me on the court (as homework I could solve ne similar task). So we had every make himself the task. 1minute later went when I ausfrage from that on the place came by my teacher, saw the task which I have now drawn but could not at the blackboard. When I saw my transcript of records they had me registered in oral ne. 6 My question: Is it legal because you ne weger a Question 6 are (ne ex must indeed at least first 15 points have) or rather immoral?

Thanks for all the answers

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Most then carry just so ne 6, which is then valid for this hour. Des makes halt for themselves so that they can give a simple oral ne touch you. If you're going next time on the board and solves a problem correctly, she'll perhaps ne 1 app for that. I would call it more immoral than illegal.

Talk to your teacher that can not be! Tell her the reason why you did not know, and please be courteous to change but the score if not pulls send your parents towards the the are already rules! Good luck

If the record note was then they can give you a. 6 Maybe they ... wanted to award points to the angle ... Pnkte on the triangle itself so yes.

normally a triangle has an angle sum of 180 degrees but that was not the issue but the solution

So I'm also such a mega math genius: D our a teacher has always done. I found impossible !! But I think that's just a thought supported so whether it should assess yourself better or worse later

You had a job. You did not approach to determine. What should the teacher to write down? A satisfactory?

legally it's because you have the verbal task failed. and immoral that everyone can see how he wants

What was that someone got for a note when he brings no approach about?

Is indeed very easy if one can advance his disease if you do not know something. Who does not know that only the circle 360 ​​degrees but who has now no plan. Since the 6 is more than justified.

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