In GTA Online on once again level 1! Why?

Hi guys I urgently need your help. I have been playing already are mid September 2014 GTA 5 and also online and now I have the problem that I level 1 bin at once again although I have played honestly and level 77 was and that's only after the update 1:20 so happened it was so: i have the update 1:20 made on 27 and then got gambled at 30 again and everything went off smoothly so as always I came today purely to 1.1.2015 in GTA online and there was all full of snow even though I was the update already on 27 and so has loaded all I was in the car've driven and I then realized that I at level 1 am again ... why is that ???

PS: money, car, garage, apartment, apartment garage, weapons, etc. I still have anything except the level

Thanks in advance

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Date: 2012-05-07 Views: 4

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