In love with a girl from the same class! What to do?

Hey guys I am totally in love with a girl from the parallel class. We are both 13 years of age. Problem: I'm totally shy and do not dare to talk to them. We are already writing for a while about Whatsapp and when I anlache she laughs even back what should I do now? Please help me !!!

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If you you can not speak directly to try it at least to write to her. You can you even ask if you want to do something with you. Just try as much as possible to do something with it. And if all is going well and you understand each other, you can then take the next step. Just try first to gain their trust, etc. so that you get an impression of you.

I am talking about the same. Try to find out what times their preferences or hobbies. Then they ask if ye times somehow want to meet or something. Important: you have to trust yourself !!!

HeyAlso I have the same problem, only that I am a girl and am in love with NEN young ... If I were girls that I would wait until you see the first step doing, even when you only because of me once with a "hi" ansprichst or they smile at ... You can also send their course whatsapp write that you love her, or whether she wants what to do with you ... Is / was probably too late anyway, but never mind:) LgP.S. What is your name ? : D

Accompany them after school comes home in person this week when it starts it they may feel the same for you;)

Very important do you kompliemente as "your hair is beautiful" or "you have a charming smile," not too many but do not too few kompliemente. Successfully date her and take something nice. Get them to laugh. Hope to have helped you

I'm afraid that she says no and then erfärt the whole school year.

Ask first if she's Four Loves ?!

Write to her but simply a message with Whatsapp or romantic way a letter and give it to her at school!

say it to it

Mach simply times one on gay. Believe me women standing secretly not as the tough guys (is different but I speak from experience) So that you see so as to Justin Bieber or Zayn Malik .. got himself a girlfriend since about 9 months .. Sometime sies who betrayed me , And one in my class once said she had NEN gay as new sidekick .. Since you're not really gay will then develop from the buddy relationship more. Be different from the rest. This is the secret .Viel luck

Just hi sagn. The time is then formed by discussions .Important: Ignore it not when you pass with friends at her. and write her something sweet

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