In the long term lose weight

Hi folks, I have a little problem;

I am 14 years old and am slightly overweight. So really only slightly not much. I'm passionate about sports and also do not eat excessively much, but the weight I just can not lose! Since my 6 years old, I'm just about overweight. Another problem is that I am only 1.60 m tall. It makes me just finish that all the girls in my class are taller than me ... I am already grown since I was 13, and so on but I'll wait to the fact that just the weight is better distributed when I was growing. I grow very slowly and are all bigger than me and all can easily lose weight.

What am I doing wrong?

The best answer

Puberty is different for each person, on the other hand you can do, unfortunately, nothing. A diet is your age also nonsense, as long as you feed yourself healthy and doing sports, should all happen by itself. And for the size I can tell you, unfortunately otherwise Suggest as Fruchtzwerge. : D No, joking aside, you grow when your body grows.

Unfortunately you can not change how big you'll once, some complain because they are too big, some because they are too small. Because you are so young, the weight is distributed more properly in your body, eventually you get a growth spurt and then everything is back in order. As you but in the meantime, and in the long term a few pounds can tumble is to renounce carbohydrates in the evening. That is the evening avoid fruits and lots of vegetables, meat, sausage and cheese to eat. Bread and bread also shun. LG

Wait! With 18 changes the imbalance. If you previously have a little sport doing can help!

Against your genes you can do nothing.

Look at your parents.

The plants have you inherited.

Dieting is only by permanently (= FOREVER) healthy eating and exercise.

Carbohydrates, fat, and avoid above all sugar.

Sport, Sport and Sport - thus endurance sports is meant. The fat burning starts from 45 minutes, strain.

Fast food, ready meals and sweet drinks (including sweeteners!) Are GIFT.

This is normal is called male puberty each growing different times faster times slower and ünergewichtigkeit that is not fat you're just well built :)

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