In the sun look without protection?

Hi, it was on March 20 this eclipse. And it is said one should in no case without special glasses daily there. Why? I wonder that because I made time on another given day a bet with friends who can longest stare at the sun. I myself could loosely daily one minute and none of us is blind. My vision is still normal or still above the average! So why should we not look at the sun without special glasses?

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The rapid changes between light and dark is critical here. In the darkness, the pupils are dilated to allow more light enters the eye. If suddenly a lot of light (non-visible wavelength range) catches the eye before the pupil is allowed to close, the risk of damage is quite large.

Nevertheless, direct look at the sun, for a bet is not too smart.

because the eclipse open the pupil and thereby srahlen more come into eye

In Germany it was anyway partly cloudy. Therefore one could draufschauen also on 20 March without glasses. It has not blinded. This has something to do with the umbra. So only in the area of ​​the umbra one needs to have these special glasses.

The effects can still occur.

Because it harms your eyes. The one mekrt not necessarily immediately, but long-term eyes are thus greatly affected. Bet Staring at the sun is pretty stupid. Probably a troll question but whatever.

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