In Which dosage and with how quickly action Tollkirschen highly toxic to lethal?

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The lethal dose is in children aged between 3 and 5, in adults 10 to 20 berries.

  • The typical symptoms of belladonna poisoning include pupil dilation (glossy eyes), lack of vomiting, dry, red, hot skin.
  • Furthermore, there is dryness of mucous membranes in the mouth and throat, resulting in speech and swallowing disorders to rotations and pulse rate.
  • With strong poisoning the patient infects unrest, he suffers from crying fits and pressured speech and taking fits of madness. With appropriate intoxication leads to unconsciousness and death by respiratory paralysis.


Speed ​​of action can I not tell you, but all too soon it is not. Deadly it can be as from 5-10 berries or so. This varies from person to person, of course. If YOU ASK the because you want to take it as a drug .. not do that leiber, are better and less dangerous. but drugs are either way EVIL! : P

The belladonna contains in all parts of a mixture of tropane alkaloids, whose content is between 0.2 to 0.6% varies. The proportion of atropine (Stimulanzie that can lead to madness and frenzy) is very high and already ten berries are deadly.

try it not that convincing is pure hell

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