Includes conductor / a unit after unplugging the socket or electricity?

As the title suggests, I am interested in whether a device after separating the power source in the conductor is current or anywhere inside the device

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Switching Power Supplies contain pretty "thick" capacitors. The loose enough for a very unpleasant shock with simultaneous contact of the plug contacts, and when you touch a contact with each hand, I'm afraid quite to heart function.

At reasonable power supplies the plug contacts should be separate from the capacitors, but especially with cheap power supplies I have made painful experience several times. In my last laptop I have got used to the plug contacts once short-circuit after pulling out of a metal part.

Other devices can be uncomfortable, especially those with inductances (electric motors, dimmers). The gladly produce a high voltage spike that endangers other devices on the circuit at the moment of withdrawal.

the storm itself can not be stored. but rather the electrical energy, in capacitors or banks. so all devices that can contain anything after separated from the source of energy still contained.

lg, Anna

Electric current is not "located" in a conductor or in a single unit. The current flowing there, or does not flow. Much like in the lake, the water flows or does not flow.

A conductor through which electric current flows, when it is in a closed circuit with a power source. After separating from the wall outlet so it can in one device only a current flow when it or a current source (battery, battery, capacitor) is in installed, such as. In mobile phone, calculator or flashlight

depends on the device, an extension cable for example nicht.Ein device with at least one capacitor is long time to unload it

For a device without electrolytic capacitors but not if there are capacitors inside, which save the need to first time charge the capacitors

In conductors mostly not, but the device often has capacitors and voltage there will be even longer present. An old TV set can for example at certain points still have min 1000V - be so deadly.

Capacitors are energy storage.

Theoretically, with transformer (coil) or capacitors can still keep a small residual stress, causing the touch of both poles of the plug a small "Kribbler" in one device.

Yes, my wobbly floor lamp cover fluter for example! is located on the capacitor. So be careful! plug tiller do not touch! that would be possible at even rotating motors. (Generator principle)

How do you want a socket unplug?

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