increase memory to 12 GB (PC)

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my PC I would like to upgrade something to gamble Battlefield 4 or other quality game better. My hardware is actually quite passable with a very good i5 processor and the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660. The problem is probably my memory with only 4 GB (a tie). Which I would like to upgrade. The only problem is that 8 GB is soon enough, but for me 16GB something is too expensive. That's why I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade it to 12 GB? I would like to do with 2 GB 4 bars. What should I watch everything, so that no serious problems arise?

Thank you in advance and still happy holidays.

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I would recommend you have an identical 4-GB bars for the upgrade for starters. 8 GB are still long enough for rich games. In addition, you can with an identical latch smaller Kompatiblitätsproblemen prevent and make optimal use of the dual-channel mode of the memory interface. 4 + 8 or 3 x 4GB affect the performance of symmetric dual-channel partly measurable.

This instruction should help you: http: // -_- guenstig-and-fast-2_5 ...

I also 12GB RAM. It works and it is also well recognized by Windows. Mfg.

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