increase Minecraft FPS / stabiliesieren HELP!

... Hello dear community, I despair of my Minecraft on: ((has to look after numerous video and transpose the mentioned settings unc co 2 FPS before I have my pc relaunched I had with opifine 1.7.10 and the changes 70 - 80 -90 FPS.

I installed the newest Optifine for 1.8

I have in my try minecraft more FPS lend no computer Kill ends garbage as "Game Booster" "Advance System Care" or similar uses.

I have a windows 8.1 64bit Lenovo laptop with: Processor: AMD ... 2.9 GHz Video Card: AMD Hadeon HD graphics 8xxxx ... RAM: 3.19 (Verwenbar of 4.00 GB)

this is one of the videos have dieich looked and implemented:

http: // annotation_id = annotation_3065302751 & feature = iv & ...?

if you must know yet what it says! I'm grateful for every answer! because I do not play, fun really run out.

The best answer

Do you also have installed your card? If so you have to adjust it goes about this graphics card because if you have an intel processor, because ever onboard graphics card in it, and the very poor.

graphic settings down: eyeshot down, opengl enabled particle effects from soft lighting from etc ...

look ma which java version you have. java 8 is just like windows 8 poison for minecraft. INSTALLING you windows 7 64 bit and java 7 update 67!

What is the visibility?

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