Inflammatory eye on .. with my dog

I have a maltereser and he got up with a supplied pecked eye and can not see it, which can be as an anti-join ??

The best answer

Drafts, bacteria .... It is a veterinarian should look.

The can of drafts, bacteria, viruses, or even removal of toxins which could not be discharged properly from the organism.

Please go with it immediately to a vet, please call directly to a specialist in ophthalmology. I then made the mistake and the family doctor who once treated for 5 days wrong. My dog ​​has had animal pain and is now almost blind.

With such things is not to be trifled with, because you do not know what it is now exactly.

motives behind the dfeur there are many -infection / drafts / allergy - please be sure to vet today!

Please go the same morning still with the dog to the vet ...

It may be a little something ... - but the eye is not simply played around a bit ...

Even if it only means: Conjunctivitis - there must then also be searched for an explanation. An allergic reaction to early bloomers, a foreign body in the eye, an infection in the eyelid margin, a so-called. Stye ...

All that needs to be addressed; from the vet!

All the best for your dog

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