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Hi everybody I wanted to ask if jmd of experience of themselves or others can say what you as the occupation of gardener can in horticulture and landscaping say. So whether it is physically really as bad as some say, and as such is the remuneration.

thanks in advance

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Two acquaintances of mine who worked for years in this profession. One of them has therefore abandoned this profession, because its power for the German Bahn AG has worked - in winter in all weathers Bahngleise free cut (trees, etc.). He has made a few years, then had had enough. The other worked in a factory, who laid much private gardens - stones for paving haul, granite steps for meeting so embarrassed etc. much physically demanding work.

Hi all I can merely on point :)

at azubi flash a new apprenticeship is always posted and besides you can write to the team there and help a questions;)

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