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I want a dog for a long time and have already we talked with my mother about it superior in about a year us to create an instant. We are all again this year discuss (tasks, costs, race ect.) My mother said I should inform times for myself. I have been on many websites. Nevertheless, I would like to have a pair of advice about puppy education and tasks.

PS: My grandparents had a dog. A few things I already know. Thanks in advance :)

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Monitoring and companion dog sounds kind of funny, but know what you mean. In and of itself can you educate that you can take it everywhere with every dog.

should therefore eigtl the real question for you, what qualities should the dog (what can you do with it?), and I can be this accessible !? It makes for example make a difference whether it is now a Collie is, a pug or eg a Goldi, the mix to keep in mind the rule their Papenheimer know the shelter so that too.

Must it be a puppy? My tip: Get a from a shelter or from a SPCA.

All always pounce on puppies (I can understand, are indeed mega sweet :)) but there are so many adult animals that nobody wants.

The advantages:

-The Dog is already trained in the best case (Grundkomandos and Housebroken)

-The Dog no longer makes so much broken

-Man Knows in advance what the character fürnen

-Solche Animals are often so so grateful!

My mum has her dog from Ner Spanish killing station. The is so fond of, is looking forward to life and just get happy. Because his first year of life was just terrible.

And here you get animals that half a year up to 3 years old only, what really is not a age for NEN dog. And yet NEN tip: Do not get Versteif ne race. If you nen dog know you learning, you realize very quickly, obs fits :)

I wish you success

And what I forgot: the best a dog from the animal shelter. I have a which is the shelter of Hungary from the killing station. They are really very grateful

We are all again this year discuss (tasks, costs, race ect.)

Purchase price for a purebred dog from a reputable breeder 900-1500 EUR (depending on the breed)! Cheap offered breed dogs are usually deathly ill and intensive veterinary treatment ultimately more expensive!

An alternative would be a dog from a shelter, they are to get healthy and priced much cheaper!

The attitude of a dog is very expensive!


dog license fee


Hundepension (holiday period)

dog school


Veterinarian (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in an accident or illness of the dog)

etc ...

It costs a lot of money to keep a dog. A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog's life, to be able to meet every day.

Dogs attitude makes work and takes time! A dog must repeatedly daily in great depth. And gassi out, whether it storms or snows!

must also be given to that share your interests, obligations and friends will change in the next few years, so that you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will!


It comes draufan which race you want (German shepherd or golden retriever, bulldog or poodle, ...)

But what every dog ​​needs: lots of exercise A leader not you feed times the dog your parents, ...

It should be a quiet environment (only in nervous dogs)

I hope I could help you if you still ask have you can ask me


Oh, as a general dog breed would come into question an escort and companion dog.

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