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Following problem: I am since last Monday in the first week of my pill and have they also made every day, I take it almost always in the morning about 6 am but sometimes it happens that I forget it from stress morning and evening or afternoon engaging. One can my pill up to 12 hours after the usual Einahmezeitpunkt einehmen (available in the package insert), but if I miss a pill in the morning and they have not taken to 20h, is indeed the risk of pregnancy. I had this weekend for the first time GM without Kodom and am now totally confused funny way and make me very mad, because I have to have taken the pill once late last week scared. But I can not remember, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have taken time I'm sure, but as far as the remaining 4 days, I can not remember the time of administration. I also do not know why I ask this question, because of the risk of getting pregnant even IF I took it once too late, I know. But maybe I'm just paranoid? I am incidentally only 16 years old.

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Imagine an alarm clock, my God! Or take the pill just go to sleep the evening before and once you're the way, take them the way! I myself am 16 and I know how bad the feeling is. I always have a blister old pills in my purse that has logically always there and when I go celebrate time with friends, I take it just unremarkable. That's why the evening not the morning, in the morning you as you have already said is often under stress.

If you einimmst the pill correctly, it also protects against pregnancy.

You've taken it certainly correctly, you do not so crazy. The pill should not be taken to the minute, the only important thing is that there are between 2 pill income not more than 36 hours (24 + 12 hours). Incidentally, there are also good apps that remind you every hour of your pill, for example, "Pill Reminder".

Twelve hours after 6:00 clock is 18:00 in Not 20:00!

Maybe just not omit the condoms if one has not yet become accustomed to the regular ?! My goodness.

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