Infusion for liquid lack?

Hello, I am immoment sick, exactly what you do not know what I have. Well the way to my question: Aufjedenfall can I eat nothing and drink because nothing stays inside. The doctor said if that still does not work until tomorrow, I need to get to the hospital to liquid through an infusion. Will I then more so have to stay overnight in the hospital, or only for a few hours? Thank you for your answers.

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That you can not say exactly, it depends on how much liquid you lack and how you're doing. It may be that you have to stay for observation overnight, but not generally. But there you are in good hands ... well soon :-)

You'll probably have you set up a toilet bag and a pair of pajamas for the night. All the best!

I guess that they keep you at least 24 hours for observation there, but more accurate you can secure your doctor say, his statement is more reliable than any conjecture here at gF -. Well Soon !!!

Depends on how dehydrated you are. Counting times simply an overnight, otherwise you stand no underwear and toothbrush there.

that you will then find the sick house, if you hang on hose.

which can not be predicted in one

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