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Hi My friend has her bitch puppies get on Tuesday everything went from fairly straightforward. She has all 4 adopted. However, as of today it is very focused on their besi and stares at her but can caress and everything. You do not want no treats walkies. It is easily fixed on their besi.

Now my question is this normal?

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no, this is completely unnatural that a bitch who threw 2 days, fixed on her owner. Normal would be that they constantly take care of their offspring.

Moreover, it is completely normal, if they do not want to eat - because right now she needs a lot of high-quality forage. Was the bitch after the birth of the veterinarian, or was the veterinarian in the bitch? If it has been examined whether all puppies were born? It often happens that a dead puppy remains in the dog and that can have tragic consequences.

Even otherwise a veterinarian look after the dog, so that it does not lead to eclampsia due to a calcium deficiency, there is no engorgement with Gesäugeentzündung etc..

Who or what is please besi ???

If the dog has your girlfriend last Tuesday perfectly normal and natural brought 4 puppies, then any strange behavior is now occurring reason enough to ask immediately the vet for a house call !!!

The puppies would be undersupplied in 0-comma-nothing ...

Has the bitch fever? ... Everything about 38.5 ° C I would let clarify the vet ...

However, it often happens that you have to force a lactating female, more or less, to go a Gassi Round ...

The dog belongs to the TA.

My bitch wolltr the first week not even gassi I go has to force them out, so that it can even go for a walk. Then she ran back to the puppy.

who is besi? who stares at her? Do not understand the meaning!

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