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When a man and a woman is a slap, she displays it, with what punishment to be expected? (First-time offenders, no criminal record)

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Depending on the intensity of the ear is present any violent offense or just an injury. On assault are up to five years, to offend up to two years. The amount of penalty is determined by all the circumstances.

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the law says the following to injury:

§ 223 of the Criminal Code - injury

(1) Any person who physically abused another person or damage to health, is punished with imprisonment up to five years or a fine.

(2) The attempt is punishable.

§ 230 of the Criminal Code - criminal complaint

(1) The intentional injury to § 223 and the accidental injury by § 229 be prosecuted only on complaint, unless the prosecuting authority considers necessary for the particular public interest in prosecution an intervention of its own motion. Dies the injured person, so it made for intentional injury, the application under § 77 para. 2 of the members on.

So you need not necessarily be infringed to lodge a complaint for assault, but the slap must have been so outlandish that the physical well-being has not only affected insignificantly.

The well-being was still significantly affected by the slap, the injured person may have been justified in detail.

As punishment, the law provides for imprisonment against up to five years or a fine.

If the offender until now but never entered court in appearance, it would not be unlikely that the case against the accused by the prosecution is set and it is not even indicted.

It could also be that it does not lead to negotiation, but the accused only get one penalty order with a small fine, the fine is imposed in daily units.

It can also get to a court hearing, but I think rather unlikely.

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Theoretically, the injury and there is already a punishment for. How high but fails in a particular case, I can not tell you.

This falls under insult because injury there must be hurt already

If a man gets a slap nothing happens. Great world.

Depends on:

Generally come here assault and insult into consideration.

A "little" slap, physical integrity does not hurt or irrelevant that provides no injury there, but may well be an insult.

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