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I want to lose weight already siet long time and creating it is not easy. I eat a day totally healthy and pull it all makes day so (every day) should be carried as it really only the next day I think that I so again can buy it and can buy and then it's always so continue. I spend a lot of money for food, although I get home enough food (still live with Mom and Dad) I actually möchste no money for food issue, I would also again money as to give me some new clothes or things for my room whatever to buy. How can I make it the best that I eventually spend no more money on food and eat stop only at home or with friends? I want to make it absolutely, and the will is also there .. Have made their experiences with that, and how did you manage from this 'vicious circle' come out to?

The best answer

I got my dog ​​pigs defeated as follows:

on my new phone (samsung galaxy s4) there ne app counts your steps and you can record what you eat and it zeicht you to gelcih how many calories has and always when I evenings eg famine on ne pizza would then kuk I on my phone and see if I can still indulge me today or not ... through this app I eat less and walk more

you hardly make up any discipline you because then work is the work even with the things that you make you

Ehy people what it brings you when you say yes then hAdT you a disturbed eating behavior That a problem does know them well or they would not ask for advice you could you duds buy incentive fetch a zumbeispiel the you really liked in smaller size and visible hanging in your room or talk to your friends and ask if they can assist you

Tu all your money into a savings account - then you can not spend more ︝ jbd if you really have what you want, then you lift you the sum from the the thing Costs)

The problem is as old as the affluent society is young. Good tips there are really not sure. Either the psychologist unravel the problem or just take off with mom and dad and live on a budget.

You make it sound after a batch of disturbed eating behavior.

Your will you need itself that you can here you require any

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