installing subwoofer and Radio in old BMW. What do I need it?

Hello. I want to install a new radio and a subwoofer in my BMW 316i. But do not know what I have everything I need ... Heard a capacitor and another amplifier. But how should I connect? Thanks in vorroaus :)

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Probably you need a radio connection adapter for Sony radio and some more cables. Can anything beikriegen in car accessories!

Would that but if you are not an absolute skilled not make itself and absolutely not recommend any hobbyists to let do it: This is actually working for a workshop. Radio installation is another matter - even small breaches or even bare ignorance can make much broken or bring defects with here.

Subwoofer: http: // _encoding = UTF8 & co ...

Radio: Sony CDX-G1002U

You need the following.

Power cable, ground cable, RCA cable and possibly a radio aperture. Capacitor not really. For this, a power amplifier and a woofer

You need a subwoofer, an old BMW, a new radio and the ability to count from one to three.


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