Installing / Using mods for minecraft pe does not work

Hi guys! I have a question for minecraft pe. I have a tablet with Android operating system. I would like to use / install a mod (hell / Nether), but I do not like. I have tried different things: 1.Pockettool: crashes when I want to use a mod (ve already with uninstallation -also the pe - tried) 2. Block Launcher: I want to use mod, but it does not work (or I am install too stupid for) 3.Manuell: I have tried different instructions with different apps, but I've never managed - also because I do not understand some instructions because of the expressions

More apps / methods I do not know, but I would like also not buy pro versions until I can be sure that it works. Maybe you know still other apps or can send me the manual install explain again. Many thanks for your help!

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One can with block launcher and mods for minecraft pe make First Holst you you mod for minecraft pe and looking you you a mod from then you hit on download. when the download is complete you Holst you block launcher then you go to the tool above the center. Then there is modpe script or so änlich somewhere then you click Import on it and then tap the folder downloads since only one file appears that is green because then you hit it. And already you have installed a mod

Looks harder than it really is. If you have any questions or problems you write it in the comments

Nehter mod - block launcher best per. For because mod brauchste something more you need the Nehter map and mod must have the same version have as your minecraft

One can not use MODS in Minecraft PE

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