Instructor duzt me

Hello, I am 19 and will geduzt consistently from my instructor. He calls me by my first name and says "YOU" but I need him siezen. Should I accept because I am or what trainees say that simple?

The best answer

Tell him that it bothers you. And if he does not want to be gedutzt, he must begin to Siezten :)

is even in high school already so once you reach the age of 18.

But if that would make one with me then would eat cherries not good ^^ well located on character ....

I would tell him that he should siezen you (if you want it)

If you want to shock him, then duze back: D

Tell him that you would like to be gesiezt. The need to accept that.

If you put all of your young 19 years worth it, then you have to tell him.

If you want to destroy that hopefully good climate, tell him that you do not like.

what is so bad about it? I feel younger when duzt me: D

Ifs bothers sooner rather than later say. : D

... What's the big deal?

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