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I wonder currently studying this (Cologne or Dortmund are the Wunschuni, or dual Lufthansa). However, I'm not sure in terms of Berufsausichten. Can I still work with national companies? I do not know if I still want rumreisen so much in 20 years and I want to migrate not eig, My professional presentation is more domestic work but with business and so on. Have you since irgednwelche experiences? Thanks for the answers in advance!

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Good Morning,

just because you international business have studied, you need not necessarily work abroad. It may be, too, that you are working on a German site and only have contact with international customers. More about career opportunities can be found here:

The question is rather whether it then makes sense to you to make a rather special geared at international studies. Business travel you can also with NEM Business Administration, Industrial Engineer, have economics degree.

Important for an international career would anyway semester abroad and internships.

Seller (sales) for i.welche products? The company must also be active abroad halt. So a Bwl study is ever okay, but if you want you specialize in something (know your interests are not), then you should still do something to or what to study the same in the direction. Or. Read you times show job through and see what is their condition. ;)

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