Internet speed after termination even slower! What to do?

Dear Community,

I have the following problem: We have been about 8 years at Telekom and have actually a 16k line. Our Internet has always been great until 2 years ago actually and gamble when I had mostly between 25 and 30ms (ping) It ran then as now always 2 PCs with the same wireless and while I gambled, the others have to same time watched a movie or played while the Ping was maximal at 30ms. Then it suddenly started that our Internet more often simply break off and we were advised by Deutsche Telekom to get a new router. We have then also made at the beginning and it went well but then it started again and we have a year ago to decide to terminate at the Telekom (period of notice runs until August 2015) and since then nothing runs more .... Internet crashes , MS is best at 50 and now he jumps every 30 seconds out 500 high and then back down. If someone casually watched a movie then I have a permanent 1000 Ping. But only after we terminated. The Telekom always wanted that we improve the line which would cost more even monthly but we just want to with this company have nothing to do. We still charged 50 € per month for Internet and landline.

What could I do that I can still play at least normal the next 4 months:

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Hey, your question is already a while ago but I have to time a very similar problem as you.

War now 4 years customer at Telekom and then have terminated in due time (running from next month). So far everything well. Of course, the usual persuasion remained but to remain not out but they were all hard blocked from me.

then now already completed Hab about 2 weeks ago a contract with another provider and since nothing goes Partly genuine. The compound poops from permanent or is even slower than usual and at a 2000 line is anyway no more air down.

I assume now time the Telekom that make deliberately. Should already be a very crass coincidence that exactly now suddenly any errors or problems which may occur.

Telekom provides to the telephone network to IP telephony. Here it may be that it has an impact on the incoming data quality because the IP "lines" well also have to act the VoIP data load. What counts here is the total proceeds - not only yours, hanging on the concerned telecom nodes.

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