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Hi, I will soon have a social internship for school and do not know where to go ... I am interested in the medicine and now my question is I can I do an internship at the hospital with 15 (1 day) or whether I young'm sure. And as it is with the right medicine, you may as do an internship with 15?

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So the hospital is the determined most easily by. Whether you can do an internship in forensic medicine but I venture to doubt. But here is worthwhile, as with many things in life: ask. If you should not get a place, you prefer to search an alternative: Nursing Homes or kindergartens always take really social interns.

:) I have made with 15 and an internship in the hospital, I can only recommend! You experience something new every day, and the patients are just always different which makes it so exciting :)

I also did an internship with 15, and it pleased me very much. For me it has therefore been no problems due to the age :-)

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