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Dear Community,

I have had a dream, what it was that I was suddenly invisible and me no longer hear or see could feel like I was a ghost or just air. So I got the term "invisible" googled. However, I do not know exactly how I should interpret that.

Here is the answer from the interpreter:

If the dreaming is invisible in his dream or disappears, this indicates either that he is not ready to confront his insights, or that there is something he would rather forget. The design principle can occur in two ways. In the former case the dreaming of other dream characters is not perceived and seemingly ignored. This reflects the impression that he has in the waking state, he feels ignored by his fellow man.

Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance :)

The best answer

Reflect your current situation with regard to your people and the relationship to your daily environment or friends. In the dream, your subconscious is working on something, so you should check scour your reality.

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