iPhone 4s iOS 7 Forgotten password EMERGENCY !?

Hi, I've forgotten my password and have very often seen the iPhone disabled characters, the last time I had to wait 1 hour! Then I read the advice on apple.de and have them obeyed, but now I've plötztlich upgrade to iOS 8.2 and now there is a white screen on the slideshow to upgrade is (hab handy to set English) and when I stop slide , comes back this with the password and I always only 1 attempt !!! I can not turn off the iPhone also !!!! BIITTTTTTE, HHEEEEELLLLLFFFFT MIIIIIRR !!!!

The best answer

Without the password, nothing goes. You can do it only via iTunes newly set up, then back on it and good. So make on pc have Backup .... then let iTunes 8.2 to play it and then back up again to play it

Date: 2019-03-13 Views: 2

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