iPhone 6 / Samsung Galaxy S6 - which has faster internet?!?

I want a smartphone, with which I can browse quickly with WLAN.

Which smartphone, the Internet is therefore faster on the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 ???

The best answer

The cell phone are both the same speed they support the same LTE frequency and the same when Wireless ;-) LG Dobi

The speed of your Internet connection is probably the limiting component than the max. possible speed of iPhone or Galaxy. Therefore it rather irrelevant.

Both have the ability to perceive the same speed. In other words: the difference you will not remember. I would you still recommend the iPhone. It looks chic from, is more stable and liquid and you got at Apple one-time support.

Both offer WLAN AC (theoretically 1,3GBit / s) and LTE Cat6 with 600M / s. But since you do not always reach these values, since there are maximum tariffs with 100Mbit / s and a maximum of 300 homes are drinne depending Call them and wallet. Therefore, both devices are on the stand, 2015.

Both support wireless standard ac and therefore offer transfer rates that you never need in life on a smartphone will.

Just like being there noticed a difference

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