Iphone 7 days Trial terminate Spotiffy?

Hey guys, am new to this forum and I just got a question. I got myself today the 7 days trial of Spotify for my iPhone. Now I wanted to announce it directly, so that no costs are incurred. First of all I have to ever terminate and wennn so where? And may incur costs, even if I have not provided any payment data?


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So far as I know, is in the small print that will be extended automatically and probeabbo man must announce it himself. But what surprises me that you had to specify any payment, data, which is usually the basic requirement is to this trial abbo to make. Des unless you have registered just on Spotify then will meet you after the 7 no invoice sent, but then you are asked if you still want to use spotify premium.

Hello, if you have no payment information is given, you can not invoice will be sent. The trial subscription expires after 7 days. Then, this was supposed to be gekündet and no cost involved for you. Best you do but still a screenshot where you can see that it is a trial subscription (only in the case that wants Spotify money from you or so). After the trial subscription you should again be downgraded to Spotify Free. Hope I could help.

It may be, that they want you impose kostn, but are often rechtswiedrig. You should definitely look at why the cost should be imposed on you and act if necessary.

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