iPhone and imassage

Hi, just wanted to ask times as imassage hinhaut exactly. If I myself use it and a friend to write on his iPhone. He has it out, he gets the message then or do I have as sms convert who turned? Sms on Android goes also when I imassage to have and convert as sms from have.

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If your friend does not have it turned on, then he gets the message normally as SMS. Etrwas difficult when he has enabled his number times and it has switched off is. Then, the system thinks namely, he may have to receive iMessage and tries all the time to deliver the message as iMessage.

The question I had to laugh - please me already, if my iPhone has finally learned times I miss ne ordinary massage .. ;-)

But iMessage: When you write with your buddy and has no iMessage or uses, then the SMS message is delivered.

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